About Iris Klein

Editions are priced from $200. to $1200. based on size of work.  Some of the originals are available for sale while others are sold.  For purchasing details call 323-459-7669 or email to iklein@2mac.com


Since the age of 12, Iris has been trained in the art of understanding human behavior, connecting people to their feelings and being in the truth of the moment in word, action and behavior. "When we feel recognized, we transmit and receive infinite energy. Energy sparks creation, imagination, understanding and joy."

 Iris Klein is an artist who paints and sculpts. Iris sees paintings in most everything and enjoys the journey of putting paint to paper, sheet metal or canvas. Her first years painting were of landscapes, real and imagined. Flowers like pink and red roses, plumeria, tumbleweeds and leaves of palm and oranges filled her mind with colors and shapes. Her "Mostly Women Series," tells stories of woman and their relationship to themselves, their society and each other. Her paintings tell the truth, painful or joyous, they are revealing and honest. Iris has a series of, "Collaborative" paintings in which artist Jim Klein and Iris co-created, simultaneously working on one piece at a time. These works explore the human condition, the journey of life from, "The Wedding," and "Refugees," to "Blind Faith," and "The Questions Posed By Time".  Iris says of art, "I don't understand it and it makes all the sense in the world."   

Contact:  iklein2@mac.com


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Iris Klein 2017




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Bluff Creek Gallery  Los Angeles  2017

Affaire in the Garden Beverly Hills   2011

El Pueblo de Los Angeles 2009

UUSM  Santa Monica 2009

Golden Bridge Hollywood  2009

8 Gallery  Hollywood 2008

 Oceana Hotel Santa Monica

Oceana Hotel Santa Barbara

Nashville Downtown Express Nashville TN


Contact:  Iklein2@mac.com